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An End to AIDS: Keep Eyes on the Prize
By Susan Carey Dempsey on December 1, 2011 | No Comment
An End to AIDS: Keep Eyes on the Prize

The landscape on this World AIDS Day is an unlikely constellation formed by a diversity of players, transformative scientific research, and persistent chipping away at seemingly intractable obstacles. Appearing today at George Washington University in …

Clinton’s Confab Shifts to Take on Economic Challenges
By Tom Watson on September 25, 2011 | No Comment
Clinton’s Confab Shifts to Take on Economic Challenges

In its early years, the Clinton Global Initiative often seemed to present a kind of Democratic administration in exile – a gentle yet important correction to the Bush White House. The former President acted as …

At Clinton Confab of Heavy-Hitters, Amplification and Distribution Comes from Below
By Tom Watson on September 25, 2009 | No Comment
At Clinton Confab of Heavy-Hitters, Amplification and Distribution Comes from Below

Putting the imperative issue of civil rights and justice around the world for women and children front and center at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative required intense coordination between CGI and the Obama Administration – …

At CGI: President Obama Hails Partnership, Collaboration and Vision
By Tom Watson on September 22, 2009 | No Comment
At CGI: President Obama Hails Partnership, Collaboration and Vision

President Barack Obama brought a strong message to the audience of a thousand heads of state, diplomates, CEOs, major philanthropists, and movie stars at the Clinton Global Initiative this evening:  “Real progress doesn’t just come …

Zazengo and the Social Resume
By Tom Watson on February 19, 2009 | No Comment

Last month around the inauguration of President Obama – and the day of the service centered on the celebration of Dr. King’s life  -  there was a ton of focus on creating a lasting online …

President Obama's Social Network
By Tom Watson on January 25, 2009 | One Comment
President Obama's Social Network

The accepted storyline on President Obama’s souped-up hot rod of a super-secure executive branch Blackberry runs like this: Presidents too often exist in a bubble, insulated from real people and the world outside the sturdy …

The CauseWired Roundup: Inauguration Edition
By Tom Watson on January 18, 2009 | No Comment

Blog for Change » Presenting the Winning Ideas for Change in America
Josh Levy: “With almost 8,000 ideas, more than 600,000 votes, and more than 175,000 participants, the Ideas for Change initiative has shown the widespread …

Craig on Obama's 'Craigslist for Service'
By Tom Watson on December 15, 2008 | One Comment

As Craig Newmark notes in an article on Huffington Post, President-elect Barack Obama ran on a platform that included a call for a national “craigslist for service.” But as Newmark writes, he’d like craigslist itself …

Post-Obama Organizing? It's Already in the Streets
By Tom Watson on November 19, 2008 | One Comment

Understandably, there’s been a lot of discussion in the last two weeks about the future of the powerful Obama Internet operation. Does the vast, empowered constituency serve as a virtual public advocacy campaign for Obama … vs.
By Tom Watson on November 13, 2008 | No Comment

If President-elect Barack Obama and his transition team are looking for a model that uses the power of social networks and citizen democracy to open up government, they ought to bring their own homepage – …

CauseWired on the Beeb
By Tom Watson on November 12, 2008 | No Comment

BBC blogger Bill Thompson included CauseWired in his election night post last week, and his point about over-hyping the “first real Internet election” is a very good one. After, ask yourself what the candidates spent …

What Obama's Victory Means for the Social Sector
By Tom Watson on November 7, 2008 | 2 Comments
What Obama's Victory Means for the Social Sector

[Cross-posted from]
In a victory that holds deep lessons for how nonprofit organizations and cause-driven ventures will organize volunteers and build support in the future, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States Tuesday …

CauseWired Politics: Remembering the Near Past
By Tom Watson on November 4, 2008 | No Comment

By this time tomorrow, the United States will likely have a new President-elect – and just as likely, he will be the product of the most socially-wired campaign in American history. Maintaining tight message control …

CauseWired: Legions of Community Organizers
By Tom Watson on September 28, 2008 | No Comment

I’ve been thinking about this since the Republican convention a month ago: isn’t the CauseWired movement the virtual empowerment of thousands – and potentially millions – of community organizers, that class of do-gooders so derided …

A Nomination Won Online
By Tom Watson on August 29, 2008 | No Comment

When Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for President on Thursday night, he capped a long and inspiring campaign that set records for fundraising and personal involvement – and he also put the exclamation point …

Lessons from the Political Arena: Personal Democracy in Action
By Tom Watson on June 30, 2008 | No Comment

“Can we just put up a site like Barack Obama’s?”
Surely I am not the only person working in the philanthropic sector who has been asked that question in the last six months. Even as nonprofits, …

Online Campaign Grace Notes
By Tom Watson on June 9, 2008 | No Comment

As Hillary Clinton conceded the hard-fought Democratic primary to Barack Obama on Saturday, many observers noted their campaigns’ online grace notes. The Obama campaign thanked Clinton on its front page, and prepared a special video …

Leader of the Millennials? It's All How You Craft the Story
By Tom Watson on February 18, 2008 | 2 Comments

Is Barack Obama the candidate of the millennials? Well, he’s garnered the lion’s share of under-30 votes, yet he was born in 1961 – a year usually grouped with the very same Baby Boomers whose …

Iowa Was CauseWired
By Tom Watson on January 4, 2008 | One Comment

Say what you will about the results, but you can’t argue the method. Last night’s Iowa caucuses were totally “CauseWired,” if you’ll pardon my attept to turn a book title into geekspeak. From the hordes …

Caucus Quandary: Does Ron Paul's Online Brilliance Translate into Votes?
By Tom Watson on January 3, 2008 | 4 Comments

Ron Paul presents a contradiction to those who believe a totally-wired, socially-networked population will change politics and how we elect candidates. The libertarian Republican Congressman from Texas has been a true gadfly in the GOP …


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